Siri Vedya

Shakti Dance® & Kundalini Yoga teacher & trainer Siri Vedya is passionate about creating nurturing spaces in which Self-discovery, healing, relaxation and creative flow can arise. Her offering integrates two decades of in-depth studies on yoga, meditation, dance and healing traditions, with 15 years of teaching experience. Students describe her teaching style as warm, subtle and clear.


(YOGA MAT) [FI] & [EN]

Shakti Dance®, the Yoga of Dance, is a magical blend of yoga, energy work, dance and movement meditation to awaken soul potential. Flowing asanas and energizing standing exercises synchronized with breath and mantra music guide us to a meditative space to enjoy free, creative self-expression and a gong relaxation. Build your life-force and allow the radiance of your true Being to come forth! Not suitable for pregnant women.

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