Siri Vedya

Shakti Dance® trainer Siri Vedya has been working as a yoga teacher since 2008. Her teaching integrates over 15 years of in-depth studies on yoga, meditation, dance and healing traditions. Students describe her teaching style as warm, clear and compassionate. Welcome to discover a nurturing space in which relaxation, deep healing, Self-discovery, inspiration and creative flow can arise!

Shakti Dance®: Balancing the 5 Elements

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Shakti Dance® – the Yoga of Dance – integrates yoga, energy work and dance to awaken your soul potential. Flowing asanas and standing exercises synchronized with breath and mantra music guide us to a meditative space in which we are free to enjoy creative self-expression. In this workshop we will balance the 5 elements through the 8 phases of the practice. Includes a gong relaxation.

Shakti Flow: Relaxation in Motion

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Shakti Flow is a beautiful yoga practice that consists of flowing asanas synchronized with breath and meditative mantra music, deep relaxation and movement meditation. This workshop is dedicated to working with slow, harmonious stretching, breath and mantra to relax both body and mind for the radiant spirit to shine through. Come as you are, no previous experience required <3[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section]

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