Sonja Saagaia

Sonja has led meditations, drum journeys and done intuitive healing work for several years. She is a self taught creative artist, a channel of the healing voice and loves to work with people and especially women as an intuitive life coach. Her passion is to work with women who want to raise their unique voice, gifts and get connected to their true and wild nature. And be part of nature.



Offers possibility to calm and make deep inner journey to your own wisdom. Towards ever-expanding own power and different levels of consciousness as well as messages, visions and sensations. A powerful energetic channeled meditation is created in that moment according to the energies of the moment. Channelling mostly in finnish but possible to participate even you do not understand language. Bring something to sit on.


(KIDS Friendly) [FI]

Every woman who expands and grows into her own special power allows others to do the same. We gather among sisters for a sacred ceremony of femininity, to bring out our own voice and essence and to create a connection with each other. The ceremony is a celebration where we celebrate sacred, diverse and wild femininity, our voices and life. The ceremony ends with womanhood procession. You can bring your own drum, if you want.

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