Tapio Hannonen & Marianne Korte

Marianne ja Tapio ovat pariskunta ja 4-vuotiaan Felixin vanhemmat, joille yhteiset ilon kautta tehtävät liikunnalliset hetket ovat luonnollinen osa elämää. Molemmille lasten ja nuorten ohjaaminen liikunnassa on ollut lähellä sydäntä ja he ovatkin pitäneet useita eri liikuntakerhoja tanssista kiipeilyyn ja pallopeleihin.



The purpose of the family trick school is to bring the child and the guardian shared moments of joy and happy memories through exercise, successes and foolery. There will be e.g. various tag games, wheelbarrow walking and easy acrobatics alone and together. Tricks are done according to the child's own skill level in safe interaction with the guardian. At the same time, we also learn how to work in a group and consider others. The family trick school is designed for 3-7 year olds, but older children and their guardians are also welcome.



A private disco designed for children, childish and childlike, where monkey around is a must! There will be everything from Finnish children's songs to Cha Cha Cha. Free your child and your inner child to move exactly in the way that feels good and let's spend a joyous dance moment together while respecting others.

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