Tuulia Syvänen & Pete Jordan


Honesty Europe is an organization founded by certified Radical Honesty trainers and a married couple Tuulia Syvänen and Pete Jordan. Their mission is to support people to live happier lives by telling the truth and letting go of fear and worry. They are the only Radical Honesty trainers in the Nordic countries and have been leading workshops, retreats and couples work full time all over Europe since 2015.



In this Radical Honesty intro workshop we will offer a short introduction to Radical Honesty and the main focus will be in sharing and paired and small group exercises. Radical Honesty is direct communication that leads to intimacy. It is the difference between making a performance and laughing and playing with friends. Honesty is kind of scary fun that turns out better than you thought it would.



During Honest Dating you get to know and connect with new like-minded honesty fans. The goal is to meet in a laid-back, fun and even humorous atmosphere, not in a forced dating setting where you need to impress or show just the good sides but more with the idea: I am willing to show myself and connect with others. Let’s see what happens! The event is not specifically heteronormative.

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