Jani Toivonen


Jani is a visionary of inner power and love and a humble student. His goal is to bring people together, in their own strength and love. In addition to holistic exercises, he keeps the space through the vibrations of the sound, and creates a space where participants can experience deep relaxation, presence and the magic of natural rhythm.



Sound Healing is all about tuning in, harmonizing and deeply relaxing. Allowing the fullness of resonance, releasing tension and stacked emotions. The symphonic waves of vibrations calms the mind and relax the body. In Sound Healing Concert, you lie down or sit comfortably and let the transforming and deeply-relaxing vibrations of Gongs, crystal bowls and singing flush your body, mind and soul.



Gong Yoga is Yoga of Oneness, Creativity and Transformation. Gong Yoga is all about of mastering the instrument that you are and tuning in to the harmonic resonance. Gong Yoga begins with intention and tapping into the fullness of presence through movement, breathing and visualization. Exercises prepare and tune our body-mind to receive a state of deep relaxation for Sound Healing.

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