VILDÁ is an original blend of indigenous Sámi yoiks, grooving rhythms and improvisation – with girly charm. Inspiration has been sought from Sámi people’s strong connection to nature, present-day pop as well as the Finnish folk tradition. The result is a unique dialogue that takes the listener to a fascinating journey to the Sámi land – the vast landscapes under the arctic hills and frosty winds. VILDÁs debut album Vildaluodda – Wildprint, released in April 2019 by Bafe’s Factory, has already gained great reviews internationally and was singled out as one of the best albums of 2019 by Songlines Magazine. Since then the band has toured in Canada, Spain, UK, France, Bulgaria and Scandinavia. In January VILDÁ was announced as a winner of the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards 2021 at the ESNS Festival in Holland. The annual EU prize for popular and contemporary music celebrates emerging artists who represent the European sound of today and tomorrow.

Hildá Länsman  – vocals, frame drum

Viivi Maria Saarenkylä  – accordion, live effects

HILDÁ LÄNSMAN is one of the most promising young Finnish accordionists. She has been awarded in many renowned competitions such as Castelfidardo and Coupe Mondiale. She has performed internationally and the many travels can be heard in her music as nuances from different music cultures around the world.

VIIVI MARIA SAARENKYLÄ was born in a small Sámi village called Ohcejohka in the northernmost municipality of Finland. Having grown up with reindeer husbandry, handicraft (duodji) and a joik (luohti) tradition which spans several generations she connects her background with contemporary world music and academic studies. Hildá is a proud upholder of the Sámi culture and joik-tradition and also a member of Sámi fusion bands Solju and Gájanas.

Joik Workshop

Joiking with VILDÁ! A workshop with VILDÁ musicians Hildá Länsman and Viivi Maria Saarenkylä. Get to know the essence of the rooted tradition of Sámi joik from the Northernmost part of Europe and share thoughts about sustainable cultural collaboration and exchange between indigenous and western majority culture.

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