Food & Stands

Natural High Food & Stands

The food selection in Natural High Healing Festival is naturally delicious, diverse and definitely healthy! We take wholeheartedly into consideration of food trends and diets. We strive for locally grown, organic, quality provisions to supply you with the nutrition you need to feel great!

All our sellers pay attention to ethicality, ecology and quality according to their best abilities. Thus we have seen fit that the festival will serve only vegetarian foods. You are what you eat so know what you eat!

Natural High Dream Cafe

This atmospheric, dreamy cafe offers delicious, belly-filling, perfect taste sensations. Sweet raw food treats, super breakfasts and raw food lunches, warm chai, energetic kombucha and fresh Hey Day juices. You’ll find the festival’s most exciting raw cakes here, yum!! Dream Cafe is located inside Narvilinna building and is open 7am-1:30am.

Natural High Hot Night Bar

This red hot evening cafe serves you inside the Magical Main Stage. Sit and relax in a teepee surrounded by new and old friends. Enjoy a cup of warm chai, refreshing drinks, and spoil yourself with small snack treats while enjoying the atmosphere. The cafe is open throughout the evening and night program.

Natural High Welcome Cafe

This bohemian cafe serves raw cakes, raw treats, little snacks, kombucha, Hey Day juices and much more. This relaxed and happy cafe is located by the Information station. The best meeting place of the festival has gotten an extension and serves our beloved festival goers even better. Open 9:30am-8:30pm.

Natural High Shop

Here you can find the official Natural High products – caps, shirts, bags, notebooks, pins and more. ♡ Take a part of the festival home with you. Make a voyage of discovery to Bali, Thailand, India and Nepal. Beautiful hand crafted jewellery, adorable bags, feather earrings and silk scarves. When you buy from here you support the Natural High Healing Festival. Thank you. The store is situated right by the Heart Space. Welcome!

Food Stands

Forest Alchemy Botanical Cafe
Botanical Cafe with hot herbal elixirs, main raw food meals made with local wild edible plants, raw desserts and selection of our own brand natural herbal cosmetics & remedies.

Krishna-liike ISKCON Suomessa
Hare Krishna in Finland ISKCON, international society for Krishna conscieusness. Practise bhakti yoga.

100% ORGANIC / 100% VEGAN chesnut pancakes, coconut milk ice cream, amazing fresh coconut water and own production of bean to bar chocolates. Let’s build a world based on RESPECT.

Shams Falafelit
Shams falafels are hand made by asylum seekers, falafel products and hummus are fully organic, all products are vegan.

Loving Hut Express
Loving Hut an international vegan chain at the restaurant. Loving Hut Express offers a vegan taste experience. We have summer rolls and spring worms. Fried noodles and soy, organic tofu and organic dark whole grains. And more.

Tuk Tuk Travellers
Tuk Tuk Travellers drove a tuk tuk from Thailand to Finland to learn what true Asian street food is about. They now offer dishes made with the same philosophy, love, nourishment and taste.

Gayatri Vortex & Hamppumaa &
Vegan paradise – delicious food and magic potion made whit love and big smile. This year we will have cop oven pizza, hot chai, bulletproof coffee whit CBD and chaga tee ofcourse. Also we will never stop serving our delightful blueberrie and raw chocolate smoothies.

pH Food
Amazing pure natural energy from vegetables, herbs and fruits. From our booth you can get detoxing, refreshing and uplifting juices, smoothies and pH water. Let your soul, mind and body be happy. Let your feelings guide you.

Sampo-Bicycle is a cafe`providing wonders from the Nature. We serve barista quality coffee, breakfast, lunch and super snacks from the Source. Our fresh chai spices and coffee beans are self imported from India. Everything is handmade and natural.

Food stall ( indian food, thaifood, vegetarian food, tofu burgers, misosoup, porridge, coffee/tea, sodas, smoothies, sandwiches and more.


Boutique Avenue

Would your company like to sell nutritious and mouth watering ecological and tasty vegan food, drinks or smoothies at the festivals colourful Food Fiesta area?

Do you want to offer interesting ethically produced products made with love for our customers at the Boutique Avenue?

We are looking for luminous vendors for our next year’s festival! We are looking for food vendors for our Food Fiesta area, and accessory vendors for the Boutique Avenue area. Would you like to be one of them? Contact us as quickly as possible by sending a message to

We will accept suggestions & applications until 31.3.2019.

Shops & Boutiques

The Lumous Story
Handmade ecoethical unique stone jewellery.


Luontoni stall offers handmade, beautifully decorated and naturally high healing products, different organic plant extracts, perfumes, soap and magic tools. Also the possibility for a small sound healing.

Glowing Lounge / Hehkuvankkuri
It’s Glowing lounge where everyone can come to just glow and flow. I’m a makeup artist who sees your soul so there will be interesting beauty happening. I also rent my mobile GlowingVan.

Ecological and ethically produced glass drinking bottles with beautiful protective sleeves. The sleeves are made of cork, cotton, neoprene or silicone. Flaskas are made in Europe.

Plume Angel feathers
Natural and handmade feather hair extensions, earrings, headbands, and accessories. Made with love by a community of Balinese mothers. You are welcome to join the magical feather family. Fly and let the wind carry you.

Francis Joy – Wisdom of the Earth
Traditional Incense mixtures from different cultures throughout the world. In addition, natural herbal teas and infusions for healing and spiritual well-being, organic creams, sauna oils and purifying body salts-scrubs.

Kirkas näkö luonnollisesti
How to Improve Eyesight Naturally? Now here is the first Finnish book about this topic! You can test also Pinhole glasses, which helps you to see if you have some refractive error, and at the same time they relaxes and strengthen your eyes. Welcome!

Twist Be
TwistBe is an online shop and store in Helsinki specialized in holistics and truly effective skincare. You can shop amazing and reasonably priced organic cosmetics at the stand, get an eco glitter tattoo and taste the love herb rose root! Don’t forget to order your festival necessity kit with -50% discount (9,90€) at before the event!