Boutique Avenue 2021

Will you join us?

We are looking for wonderful vendors at Boutique Avenue!

Perhaps You sell lovely jewelry, stones, incences, clothing, accessories. Ethicalness and ecological options are important to us, hopefully it is a thing for you too. Bravely join us with your stall @ Boutique Avenue!

Now for the 9th time; four days, three nights and thousands of customers. Yoga, meditation, tantra, dance.. Workshops and concerts! We are the biggest well being festival in Finland!

Boutique Avenue is really cute area with ethical and ecological stalls and lovely atmosphere! This is the place to purchase homecoming gifts!

Any questions? Contact us at:

Application time 1.12.2020 - 30.04.2021.



Boutique Avenue

Do you want to offer interesting ethically produced products made with love for our customers at the Boutique Avenue?

Would your company like to sell nutritious and mouth watering ecological and tasty vegan food, drinks or smoothies at the festivals colourful Food Fiesta area?

We are looking for luminous vendors for our next year's festival! We are looking for food vendors for our Food Fiesta area, and accessory vendors for the Boutique Avenue area. Would you like to be one of them? Apply here!

We will accept suggestions & applications until 22.2.2020.

Boutique Avenue 2021

Shop ethical and ecological items made with love!


Riitta Konttila and Kimmo Nurminen measure bioenergy fields and home energies. The spherical health field around you reveals things about your health. You can find a variety of disturbances in your homes that lower your energy. Disturbances, in turn, cause, for example, fatigue, headaches, quarrels, strange pain states ... In connection with the measurements, the disturbances are removed and homes and customers enter a paradise state with high bioenergy and vibration. Lapland power plants and crystals for sale.


AnnakaTaika mala beads and jewelry have been prepared only from the best, highest quality natural materials. The high frequency energy of the stone beads supports and protects the wearer. AnnakaTaika malas have been designed to aid you in meditation and for daily wear to empower you and support you on life's path and soul's journey. They bring a bit of magic to our lives!


Valkhea is esoteric online store that offers opportunity to find out about your own aura/energy field. In addition to this Valkhea's sales stall you can make stone and jewelry discoveries. The product range is bigger at festival than in an online store. Welcome to heal yourself and the world!


Welcome to my shop! This is a small paradise full of treasure unique handmade macrame jewellery made with a lot love and compassion. Natural materials and natural stones from the whole world. Selective designs clothes for fearies and pixies. Let have a beautiful gathering and celebrate life.


The Sale stand of Vanadey Visuals is full of colorful and shining light and it's for every brave soul who loves handmade eco soy candles and photography art. Every soy candle is handmade and soulmade in Haaga, Helsinki. The life of these soy candles started last January when the idea of making some chakra colored candles was born. This magical sale stand is also full of Vanadey Visuals' Fine Art Prints. These prints are born during different times but everyone of them has made by the guidance from the Universe to remind us of our inner power and wisdom. Along with candles and photography art it is also possible to buy a gift card to an empowering Goddess photoshoot by Vanadey Visuals. This photoshoot experience is all about empowering the goddess within you and strengthen your inner power. You are warmly welcomed to visit this unique stall!


Welcome to my shop! This is a small paradise full of treasure unique handmade macrame jewellery made with a lot love and compassion. Natural materials and natural stones from the whole world. Selective designs clothes for fearies and pixies. Let have a beautiful gathering and celebrate life.


Slow down. Magic happens. Clothing meets massage. True love. Meaning, dreams and colors. Recycled scarfs. Unique clothing collection spring to life. Come to see and fall for our clothes or take a break and enjoy indian headmassage ❤️


In the Salmen Suopa sales booth you will find wonderful vegan and environment friendly bar soaps, deodorant creams and cleaning soaps. All products are handcrafted from carefully selected natural ingredients and do not contain mineral oils, palm oil or animal fats. Packages are fully recyclable in accordance with the zero waste principle.


The set up of the stall means it will be characterized by energizing red colours that represent a place of grounding and basic life energy. The layout of the table is one of enchantment as you would find if you walked into a natural wizards shop looking for help with healing, transformation and incense burning, which is a practice that is 80,000 years old in Europe.


Happy together! Our mission is to build a better world for all living beings. The stall offers inspiring literature on yoga, meditation, spiritual philosophy, neo-humanism and feminine mysticism. New: Ànanda, Organic Herbal Tea for Peace of Mind! Learn to meditate, personal tuition for free.

From Moon Bazaar you can find ethical, unbelievably gorgeous and high vibrational Mother India’s crystal treasures, raw from Earth and from the mountains. Emma works with crystals, cleaning, healing and programming them, and she’s happy to tell you about all different minerals and share the messages of individual crystals. She will help you pick the perfect crystal companions just for you. You can also find slow fashion from our stall, unique power-clothes, handmade in India. Come feel, wonder, ask and enjoy Luxury for New Frequencies.

Natural and handmade feather hair extensions and earrings. Made by a community of mothers in Bali. Mission of Plume Angel project is to remind people they have wings, remind people they can fly. How? Through feathers, remembering the lightness and playfulness.

Food Stands

Forest Alchemy Botanical Cafe
Botanical Cafe with hot herbal elixirs, main raw food meals made with local wild edible plants, raw desserts and selection of our own brand natural herbal cosmetics & remedies.

Krishna-liike ISKCON Suomessa
Hare Krishna in Finland ISKCON, international society for Krishna conscieusness. Practise bhakti yoga.

100% ORGANIC / 100% VEGAN chesnut pancakes, coconut milk ice cream, amazing fresh coconut water and own production of bean to bar chocolates. Let's build a world based on RESPECT.

Shams Falafelit
Shams falafels are hand made by asylum seekers, falafel products and hummus are fully organic, all products are vegan.

Loving Hut Express
Loving Hut an international vegan chain at the restaurant. Loving Hut Express offers a vegan taste experience. We have summer rolls and spring worms. Fried noodles and soy, organic tofu and organic dark whole grains. And more.

Tuk Tuk Travellers
Tuk Tuk Travellers drove a tuk tuk from Thailand to Finland to learn what true Asian street food is about. They now offer dishes made with the same philosophy, love, nourishment and taste.

Gayatri Vortex & Hamppumaa &
Vegan paradise - delicious food and magic potion made whit love and big smile. This year we will have cop oven pizza, hot chai, bulletproof coffee whit CBD and chaga tee ofcourse. Also we will never stop serving our delightful blueberrie and raw chocolate smoothies.

pH Food
Amazing pure natural energy from vegetables, herbs and fruits. From our booth you can get detoxing, refreshing and uplifting juices, smoothies and pH water. Let your soul, mind and body be happy. Let your feelings guide you.

Sampo-Bicycle is a cafe`providing wonders from the Nature. We serve barista quality coffee, breakfast, lunch and super snacks from the Source. Our fresh chai spices and coffee beans are self imported from India. Everything is handmade and natural.

Food stall ( indian food, thaifood, vegetarian food, tofu burgers, misosoup, porridge, coffee/tea, sodas, smoothies, sandwiches and more.