Boutique Avenue 2023

Shop ethical and ecological items made with love!
Bohemian Goddess

Step into the summer's most beautiful Bohemian Goddess Full Bloom - booth, into the world of the summer's most stunning goddesses. Here you will find a unique selection of women's clothing and jewelry, inspired by the enchanting island of Bali. The collection includes lovely flowing dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, and tops, striking feather earrings, and delicate designer silver jewelry. Each piece in the collection is handmade by skilled local artisans. Whether you're looking for something lovely for summer, comfortable for yoga classes, striking for festivals, or eye-catching for dinner or everyday wear, Bohemian Goddess is here for you. Come and be met, discover your favourites and fall in love! We'll help you find that something special, that will express your unique style and who you are as a unique, gorgeous Goddess and wonderful woman. See you at the festival!

Ethical Crystals

At Ethical Crystals stall you will find surface collected ethical crystals from Finlands pristine nature. From pocket stones to big size crystals for healing speaces and deco. A stall full of wonderous vibes from earthing black tourmaline to higher self frequency muscovite books. Come pick out some new frequencies to accompany you on your eternal journey. 🧚‍♀️


Dreams, deeper connection and guality. Love story inspired fashion collection from recycled scarves. Established in Natural High Healing Festival 2021. Come to see our magical unique clothes or enjoy indian head massage. ✨
Kauneutta keholle ja mielelle

Are you longing beauty and care for your body? What about the wisdom of yoga for the mind? Our stall is full of body-soothing and fragrant products from Frantsila's organic herb farm for the whole family. In the booth you will also find new and inspiring yoga literature to expand the mind and blissful Ánanda organic herbal tea to support meditation. Or Are you interested in Yoga teacher training? The yoga teachers responsible for the offer at our booth will be happy to tell you more about the next training.

Kolme Cosmetics

Kolme Cosmetics brings natural cosmetics to Natu straight from the garden in Sipoo! Kolmes founder, Hanna, grows the flowers of the popular Calendula Face Cream in her own home garden without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. These products contain the energy of the sun, love and gratitude towards the dream job. Creams, balms, bar shampoos, serums and deodorants have been stripped of preservatives, emulsifiers and extra fillers. Also on sale is a limited batch of festival sizes!

Natural Henna Tattoos

Put the final touches to your gorgeous festival-look and adorn yourself with an original & safe 100% natural hennatattoo! Come on and sit sit down, reach your hand and admire while a Henna Artist Johanna Rautkoski will create a pattern of your choice. Feel the cooling effect of the hennapaste on your skin & calm down for a moment with the soothing scent of lavender. You can buy a material package of a natural DIY-hennapaste to take home with and there's also some awsome jewellery delicately handmade from undyed Finnish chicken feathers as well.

Mar Nayem Sacred Amulets

Beautiful & Powerful sacred amulets handcrafted with different traditional technics. It’s a mix of the world of macrame, metal, crystals, and gemstones. Perfect combination of tribal styles with a Boho touch. Each piece of jewlery has its own story meaning and energetic properties. The artist will guide you to find your perfect energy amulet!

Mystinen Astrovaunu

In our astro wagon, personal astrological interpretations are performed by three astrologers on all festival days. Interpretation times can be booked in the mornings from 10:00 a.m. The Big Astrology book is for sale at Astrovaunu's outside counter and you can get a free 3-month horoscope sent to your email.

Plume Angel Feather Jewellery

Plume Angel feather earrings and hair extensions are made by balinese mothers from ethically sourced feathers.Our mission is to remind you that you have your own wings to fly freely, following your dreams.


Hear the call of India and come visit our tent! Saharogya’s ayurvedic products have only recently landed in Finland, and are available at the Natural High Healing Festival for the second time this year. Saharogya offers herbal capsules, teas and soaps; and essential oil blends, incences and yoga accessories. All of our high quality products are plant-based and produced without child labor and animal testing. They are also free from preservatives and other addivites. Saharogya is ethically produced and a registered trademark. We warmly welcome you to learn more and look forward to meeting you!

The Lumous Story

Welcome to The Lumous Story stall to the world of beauty, harmonious shades and aesthetics. Unique handmade stone jewelry, lovely stone and silver rings and chilled out one size summer cotton collection of beautiful dresses, this year our summer cotton collection has new designs for men too. Warmly welcome!

Tuulia Crafts & Natural Vibrations Jewelry

Tuulia Crafts & Natural Vibrations Jewelry makes unique micromacrame and filigrana jewelry where northern sensitivity meets mexican passion and colors. Winter time they travel around Mexico and Central-America where they sell their jewelry on the streets and markets. Also they are collecting materials from local stone sellers and artisans. Inspiration for work they get from surrounding nature and from stories of other travellers around the world. In the summer Tuulia crafts & Natural vibration jewelry comes to Finland and they are selling their work in few chosen events.

VALO Design

Introducing VALO Design: Clothing Made for Warriors of Light. Born from the passion for discovery, globetrotting, and inspiration from diverse cultures, VALO Design emerged through the experiences of Finnish explorers Arto and Lasse, seekers of conscious living. VALO Design mission is to ignite the expression of one's true unique spirit, empowering individuals to make bold statements of individuality and rise to their potential. The clothing range hosts exclusive outfit combinations for festivals, ceremonies, and special moments, as well as functional and distinctive everyday wear ranging from elegant to casual styles. VALO Clothing is made from premium natural fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and linen. Every piece is handcrafted in Bali, where the dedicated and passionate team has been working in harmony for over a decade. VALO is more than a business; it is a family—a shared spirit that unites our entire team. As passionate wanderers of our beautiful globe, VALO Design team takes pride in creating body armors for fellow nomad spirits and Warriors of Light. Let your Inner Light shine bright with VALO Design!

YOUGLOWYOU Jewelry & SNR Healing by MIA

Re Juvenile, Re Charge, Re Connect Yourself with YOU GLOW YOU Jewelry & Healing Divine Healing Crystal magic Jewelry - all handmade with love, joy and intention. Come and find support to your Healing journey. Mia Saraswati will be also serving Sat Nam Rasayan deep healings - Do you feel you are in need for physical or mental release - come and make an appointment. Sat Nam. Handmade ethical crystal jewelry for personal wellbeing, joy and healing. Made with love, joy and intention. Sat Nam Rasayan healing session by appointment, sign in sheet is available at the booth. Looking forward to serve. Love & Light, Mia

Abundant Life

The vibrant water station hydrates the entire festival crowd and offers antioxidant-rich magical water from the Kangen water ionizer! This stall should be visited several times a day to stay hydrated and have enough energy for the wonderful events of the festival.

Santa Malandra

Nice selection of unique bohemian spirited clothing for women. All made in Finland! Lot’s of velvets and unique kimonos, you don’t want to miss this stall💖💖.


Francis Joy Energy Therapy

Welcome to encounter the wisdom of the earth where you will experience how I make natural incense mixtures with ingredients from different ancient cultures around the world that have long established incense burning traditions. The motivation behind me work is to help support spirit workers, artists and all creative endeavours. In addition, I also make different kinds of herbal teas and infusions to help support health and well-being. Below is a list of these products, but please visit my website for a comprehensive description as well as photographs of the different products:

The natural products for sale bring different aromas, tastes, cultures, traditions, peoples and spiritual beliefs together in a mystical setting, which appeal to, and interacts with the senses and powers of nature. Since time immemorial, wizards, witches, healers, seers and wise men and women have always turned to nature for spiritual and medicinal help and support. When we think about how trees and plants produce oils, medicines, health and beauty products, it is easy to understand just how powerful and vital they are for our survival.

The Label is Juicy / Ilo by Dakini

The protecting eye jewelry and bohemian, ethically produced clothing bring power and joy to its bearer. These unique and handmade creations made by two Jenni's are a must-have for this summer and the Natural High Healing Festival!

The Label is Juicy's jewelry is made in a small jewelry workshop in Mexico, and Ilo by Dakin's clothes are made in a small village community in Nepal.

Join our Food Fiesta?

Hey, you at the food vendor business! We are looking for wellbeing food vendors for Natural High Healing festival 2021.

Lovely vegan meals cooked with good vibes, heartful will and from quality ingredients? Just You the Natural High Healing festival is looking for! FILL IN THE APPLICATION!

Food Fiesta 2021 area will be brand new! It is a colourful area which nourishes festival customers with superb variety of nutricious, high quality food made with love! And there is a Food Fiesta Stage for artists and for wholesome experience!
Thank You for bringing your know how!

Now for the 9th time; four days, three nights and thousands of customers.
Yoga, meditation, tantra, dance.. Workshops and concerts!
We are the biggest wellbeing festival in Finland!

Pricelist by email:

Application time 1.12.2020 - 22.5.2021


Food Fiesta


Natural High Healing Festival offers delicious, healthy vegan foods with variety! Superfoods, raw foods, most loved foods, and organic foods. You are what you eat - know what you eat ❤️



Comida tarjoilee vegepizzaa ja italialaista tomaattikeittoa kotimaisilla raaka-aineilla. Pizzat valmistetaan upeassa tuliuunissa. Tarkoitus tuoda Italia lähemmäksi teitä…


Shams Falafel

Shams-falafels serves ethical and ekological. Falafels are 100% organic, most of income goes for employing asylum seekers and this year our focus is especially in locality of ingredients. Welcome to taste the amazingly delicious *save-the-world-falafels*! You can also buy our food ticket in forehand to avoid questions at the lunch / dinner time.



The pioneering Finnish kombucha brand, Kellaripanimo, joining again The Festival with their refreshening bubbly kombucha! 🙂 Also some coffee & tea.



We always have the opportunity to learn new things. If you desire new things - you must do new things and create new habits. Your wellbeing is always your own choice. Health is the result of our own thinking and choices.


Thai Vegan Kitchen

Thai vegan kitchen food truck is serving you deliciously guilt free Thai food.


Rolling Ice Bar

Delicious and exotic Roll Ice Cream from fresh seasonal goods. Small artisan ice cream stall serving unique ice cream portions freshly from the frosty pan. Quality ingredients, passion and love is the recipe!