Boutique Avenue 2021

Will you join us?

We are looking for wonderful vendors at Boutique Avenue!

Perhaps You sell lovely jewelry, stones, incences, clothing, accessories. Ethicalness and ecological options are important to us, hopefully it is a thing for you too. Bravely join us with your stall @ Boutique Avenue!

Now for the 9th time; four days, three nights and thousands of customers. Yoga, meditation, tantra, dance.. Workshops and concerts! We are the biggest well being festival in Finland!

Boutique Avenue is really cute area with ethical and ecological stalls and lovely atmosphere! This is the place to purchase homecoming gifts!

Any questions? Contact us at:

Application time 1.12.2020 - 30.04.2021.



Boutique Avenue

Do you want to offer interesting ethically produced products made with love for our customers at the Boutique Avenue?

Would your company like to sell nutritious and mouth watering ecological and tasty vegan food, drinks or smoothies at the festivals colourful Food Fiesta area?

We are looking for luminous vendors for our next year's festival! We are looking for food vendors for our Food Fiesta area, and accessory vendors for the Boutique Avenue area. Would you like to be one of them? Apply here!

We will accept suggestions & applications until 22.2.2020.

Boutique Avenue 2022

Shop ethical and ecological items made with love!


Paradise space. The stall is already familiar to visitors for its energy measurements and, if necessary, the removal of disturbances, as well as its towering crystal pyramids. Riitta Konttila's twigskills are again bringing energy and relief to the visitors. 💕 Kimmo Nurminen and Nina Suomi bring products to the counter.✨ Dani Sher now also sells Mexican jewelry. ✨ You should also ask us about Siddha Kundalini courses! 💫 Everyone who visits the stall rises to Paradise ❤️


Plume Angel feather earrings and hair extensions are made by balinese mothers from ethically sourced feathers. Our mission is to remind you, that you have your own wings to fly freely, following your dreams.


Hear the call of India and come visit our tent! Saharogya’s ayurvedic products have only recently landed in Finland, and are available at the Natural High Healing Festival for the very first time this year. Saharogya offers herbal capsules, teas and soaps; and essential oil blends, incences and yoga accessories. All of our high quality products are plant-based and produced without child labor and animal testing. They are also free from preservatives and other addivites. Saharogya is ethically produced and a registered trademark. We warmly welcome you to learn more and look forward to meeting you!


Welcome to my shop! This is a small paradise full of treasure unique handmade macrame jewellery made with a lot love and compassion. Natural materials and natural stones from the whole world. Selective designs clothes for fearies and pixies. Let have a beautiful gathering and celebrate life.


Healing our nature has always felt meaningful, whether it's our own nature as humans or the nature of our world, environment. Connection with Our Whole Selves, Others and The universe feels good. These values and dealing with plants and crafts have always been in the heart of Luontoni. From Luontoni stall you can find magical and handmade ”naturally high healing” products; such as magical ceramics, amazing healing plants, artisan soap, handmade incense, vibrating jewelry and lucky runes.


Designer Mia Maljojoki combines her over two decades of experience and knowledge of jewelry with the ancient art of Yoga, meditation and healing to create a magical journey for her clients. Her unique jewelry pieces combined with suggested healing practices offer the individual strength, inner peace and joy as they celebrate their journey of evolution in their everyday life. Like modern amulets, they transmit and amplify the intention one wears it with. When you wear the jewelry and experience the practices given, you transmute your energy within the body, open yourself to allow more joy, pleasure and abundance in your life. Mia’s infused jewelry pieces are handmade with deep intentions and the sound of ancient mantras resonating within each piece.


Slow down and come to see how our lovestory inspired clothing collection from recycled scarfs has developed in one year. You can fall for showy and unique clothing or take a moment with indian headmassage by Jan-Erik! Get inspired from our story by instagram @hanjankimonos.


Now is the best time to feel nature's power on your skin! Natalia Nilanti, a natural resource producer, uses passion and love to handcraft 100% natural and preservative-free skin care products on a small scale. The goal of Ekoihme's products is to introduce undervalued Finnish treasures hidden in nature, such as yarrow and dandelion. All herbs are harvested only from clean growing areas in Southern Finland.
Natalia and Katri, happy and sympathetic natural resource producers, are looking forward to meeting you and discussing nature's treasures.


The products for sale bring different cultures, traditions, peoples and spiritual beliefs together in a mystical setting, which appeal to, and interacts with the senses and powers of nature.


All goddess of the festival, at our stall you will find harmonious and unique stone jewellery and summer cotton dresses. Warmly welcome from The Lumous Story & Katja.

Mai Niemi Fnnish Fairytale is a supernatural woman's sales booth and a creative Magic Wardrobe for holistic wellbeing. With its outfits, accessories and jewelry, one can express and experience the true joy and enchantment of femininity. 

Mother Earth’s unique masterpieces, hand mined Wild Crystals from the wilderness of India and Rescue Crystals saved from basalt mines, have again arrived to Finland to raise vibrations, heal, teach and to create beauty around them! Welcome to dive into the mystical world of crystals and to meet Crystalline Mama, whose abilities as Crystal Witch you may access when you are finding your new crystal friends!


Hand polished crystal jewelry. We buy the crystals directly from miners, pickers or collectors who have purchased the stones directly from the miners, i.e. through the shortest possible chain. It is really important for us to know which quarry our crystals come from and that the whole process is as ethical and transparent as possible. Each piece of jewelry has also been given a unique serial number, this is often very significant for those interested in numerology in particular.

Food Stands

Forest Alchemy Botanical Cafe
Botanical Cafe with hot herbal elixirs, main raw food meals made with local wild edible plants, raw desserts and selection of our own brand natural herbal cosmetics & remedies.

Krishna-liike ISKCON Suomessa
Hare Krishna in Finland ISKCON, international society for Krishna conscieusness. Practise bhakti yoga.

100% ORGANIC / 100% VEGAN chesnut pancakes, coconut milk ice cream, amazing fresh coconut water and own production of bean to bar chocolates. Let's build a world based on RESPECT.

Shams Falafelit
Shams falafels are hand made by asylum seekers, falafel products and hummus are fully organic, all products are vegan.

Loving Hut Express
Loving Hut an international vegan chain at the restaurant. Loving Hut Express offers a vegan taste experience. We have summer rolls and spring worms. Fried noodles and soy, organic tofu and organic dark whole grains. And more.

Tuk Tuk Travellers
Tuk Tuk Travellers drove a tuk tuk from Thailand to Finland to learn what true Asian street food is about. They now offer dishes made with the same philosophy, love, nourishment and taste.

Gayatri Vortex & Hamppumaa &
Vegan paradise - delicious food and magic potion made whit love and big smile. This year we will have cop oven pizza, hot chai, bulletproof coffee whit CBD and chaga tee ofcourse. Also we will never stop serving our delightful blueberrie and raw chocolate smoothies.

pH Food
Amazing pure natural energy from vegetables, herbs and fruits. From our booth you can get detoxing, refreshing and uplifting juices, smoothies and pH water. Let your soul, mind and body be happy. Let your feelings guide you.

Sampo-Bicycle is a cafe`providing wonders from the Nature. We serve barista quality coffee, breakfast, lunch and super snacks from the Source. Our fresh chai spices and coffee beans are self imported from India. Everything is handmade and natural.

Food stall ( indian food, thaifood, vegetarian food, tofu burgers, misosoup, porridge, coffee/tea, sodas, smoothies, sandwiches and more.