General inquiries, thoughts, ideas, questions for any area of the festival team – send them all here!

Find lost items during the festival at the info desk. After the festival we give all the lost and found items that are worth over 20€ to Löytötavarapalvelu TURKU (Lost&Found Services Turku). Address: Viilarinkatu 5 20320 Turku. Working hours: Mon-Fri 9-17. Customer service
060003391 (service fee) and website:

Would you like to sell organic vegan food at the Food Fiesta area or set up your own little sustainable booth at Boutique Avenue?

Musicians, workshop leaders, yogis, speakers, performers – contact us.

Interested in offering individual treatments to festival goers?

Feature our Festival in your magazine, blog, or TV show! Interview us. Request video footage or photo materials.

Do you want to offer your soulful art for the Art barn or your poems for the Poetry path?

Do you want to collaborate with our festival?