Frequently Asked Questions

It’s wonderful that you’re here. We want to be safe in every way. ❤️  The festival follows the recommendations of THL and Avi.

  1. Respect and love for yourself and others. We see this as the main guideline.
  2. We are limiting the number of participants considerably this year
  3. Hand hygiene is especially important! There are more hand washing points and hand sanitizers.
  4. Wiping surfaces and hygiene in workshop spaces will be especially careful this year.
  5. The workshop spaces, which are many this year, will be filled loosely. The program will be generous!
  6. It is important to listen to the individual’s wishes about the safety gap and respect it. We want to guarantee everyone a sense of security. Pay attention to your close ones.
  7. Cough and sneeze into the sleeve.
  8. If you are feeling sick,  please do not come to the premises.
  9. MOST IMPORTANT – Be at ease, you are safe – Take care of your immune system, rest enough. ❤️ AND LOVE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES!!!!!