Join our Food Fiesta?

Hey, you at the food vendor business! We are looking for wellbeing food vendors for Natural High Healing festival 2021.

Lovely vegan meals cooked with good vibes, heartful will and from quality ingredients? Just You the Natural High Healing festival is looking for! FILL IN THE APPLICATION!

Food Fiesta 2021 area will be brand new! It is a colourful area which nourishes festival customers with superb variety of nutricious, high quality food made with love! And there is a Food Fiesta Stage for artists and for wholesome experience!
Thank You for bringing your know how!

Now for the 9th time; four days, three nights and thousands of customers.
Yoga, meditation, tantra, dance.. Workshops and concerts!
We are the biggest wellbeing festival in Finland!

Pricelist by email:

Application time 1.12.2020 - 22.5.2021


Food Fiesta


Natural High Healing Festival offers delicious, healthy vegan foods with variety! Superfoods, raw foods, most loved foods, and organic foods. You are what you eat - know what you eat ❤️


Natural High Welcome Cafe

This cozy and hearfult cafe is the best meeting place, serving the best raw cakes, delicacies, little snacks and much more. A relaxed and cheerful café is located next to the info. The best meeting place of the festival, with a wonderfully large terrace and in the evenings, the Bohemian Soul Space opens into an additional wing of the café, thus better serving our dear festival-goers from morning to night.


Natural High Boho Cafe

The atmospheric and cozy Boho Café offers tasty, fulfilling and perfect taste experiences. Sweet mouth-watering raw food delicacies, super breakfasts and raw lunches and hot chai. The most talked about and loved raw cakes of the festival can be found here YUMMY !! Boho Café can be found inside Narvilinna.


Katukeittiö Leidi

Katukeittiö Leidi is a mobile kitchen established in 2015. We prepare with experience and professional craftmanmans skills delicious portions from local organic produce. Our cuisine mixes regional styles and techniques to provide unique culinary experiences.


Fire Foods

Fire Foods is offering high quality festival food, ingridients are fresh and from local producers. Fire foods is known for using smokers, fresh herbs, marinated vegetables etc.. From the menu you will find four different delicious meals! For example Vege Burger which was a huge success last year.



Europe’s most sustainable chocolate factory! Made with love and respect toward our Mother Earth. Kakaoarbo sources its cocoa beans in DIRECT TRADE from a permaculture farm in the Dominican Republic. The cocoa beans are sailed by SAILBOAT, using the only power of the wind all the way to Europe. On Gotland, the cocoa beans are HANDCRAFTED into fine flavor chocolate. Kakaoarbo will be welcoming you at the festival with a selection of ORGANIC VEGAN pralines, bars, and special KamaSutra chocolates! Enjoy!


The Good Guys

The Good Guys Kombucha’s delightful stall offers refreshing kombucha brewed by great friends from Pirkkala. The Good Guys Kombucha is 100% organic and vegan, made by a traditional fermentation method from high-quality loose leaf tea and top-quality ingredients, such as organic beet sugar. Thanks to the health effects of tea and the good bacteria in kombucha, it is an excellent choice to support well-being. “NoAddedNonsense #TrustYourGutFeeling :green_heart:


High vibes wrap & Salad

This memorable and cute Natural High Vibes WRAP & SALAD stall will serve you the freshest salads and tasty wraps that will keep you uplifted and energetic throughout the whole festival! Grab to go or eat at the Welcome Cafe whilst enjoying the festival atmosphere. From the terrace of the Welcome Cafe, these treats will be enjoyed with the best festival views. Warmly welcome!



Comida tarjoilee vegepizzaa ja italialaista tomaattikeittoa kotimaisilla raaka-aineilla. Pizzat valmistetaan upeassa tuliuunissa. Tarkoitus tuoda Italia lähemmäksi teitä…


Shams Falafel

Shams-falafels serves ethical and ekological. Falafels are 100% organic, most of income goes for employing asylum seekers and this year our focus is especially in locality of ingredients. Welcome to taste the amazingly delicious *save-the-world-falafels*! You can also buy our food ticket in forehand to avoid questions at the lunch / dinner time.



The pioneering Finnish kombucha brand, Kellaripanimo, joining again The Festival with their refreshening bubbly kombucha! 🙂 Also some coffee & tea.



We always have the opportunity to learn new things. If you desire new things - you must do new things and create new habits. Your wellbeing is always your own choice. Health is the result of our own thinking and choices.


Thai Vegan Kitchen

Thai vegan kitchen food truck is serving you deliciously guilt free Thai food.


Rolling Ice Bar

Delicious and exotic Roll Ice Cream from fresh seasonal goods. Small artisan ice cream stall serving unique ice cream portions freshly from the frosty pan. Quality ingredients, passion and love is the recipe!