Natural High Festival map


Here you will find out how and why Natural High Healing Festival was born. We share some practical information on how to get to the location and how to fully enjoy the festival experience – substance free. Also please read through the festival guest's ABC so that we can share the time spent together in harmony, with ourselves, with each other and with the environment.

Festival Guest's ABC

Welcome to the Natural High Healing Festival. It is time to take a breath and enjoy, because you have arrived. Below there are a few things which help us make the festival enjoyable and fruitful for all of us.

Please Note

  • Set up your tent in the area designated for camping
  • Open fires are not allowed in the festival area. There’s a bonfire for the public in the area.
  • Recycle your trash
  • We use water sparingly, you can bathe in the pond or in the lake. Please use biodegradable soap.
  • Respect the signs where it says no entry or staff only
  • Notice that there are shifts for men and women separately for the sauna
  • Swimming spots have been marked and there are two of them
  • Swimming at your own risk, children must be under the supervision of adults when swimming
  • The water taps where you can fill your water bottles have been marked with a sign
  • When attending the festival you’re responsible for yourself, take care of your own wellbeing. Our team of First Aid Angels will help you with their best abilities.
  • You can leave your email address at the reception to receive a Natural High love letter max. 4 times a year.

Enjoy the festival and the incredibly wide selection of workshops and music we have to offer!