Natural High Spaces 2020

All of the festival areas are different and radiate beauty all around. The spaces have been created to support the experience of love and the different elements in us and our environment. We will decorate all areas with devotion and with a big heart.

The workshops vary and you are advised to pick the one that suits you the most in each moment. Remember to respect yourself and to listen to your body and your limits. Don’t forget to hydrate and also to rest.

It is not worth it to become disturbed by the soundscape. We are at a festival and the sounds may mix. Occasionally we are at a real life meditation practice, practising to block out sounds and to concentrate within.

The deepest idea of the Natural High Healing Festival is to create a space where each and every one of us can express and be ourselves, in compassion and acceptance of our full humanity. Natural High Healing Festival brings people together in unity, and to a space, where everyone matters and is loved just as we are at that moment in time.

See you at the festival of love!

If there are any questions – See FAQ, where you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer, please contact and we will reply as soon as possible.

main stage at natural high festival

Magical Mainstage

The luminous main stage that brings people together for magical moments. The venue holds the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the Connection Circle to bring people together. The space is for popular workshops during daytime – there’s always enough space. In the evenings we gather here to listen to beautiful music brought to us by top DJ’s – guaranteed to make you dance!

Please bring your own seat cushion and a blanket to wrap yourself in to enjoy the atmosphere with new and old friends. Let’s gather together and enjoy festival night together!

share and play at natural high healing festival

Forest Light Room

The upstairs of an old robust byre is the reflection of lightness. A big glass wall at the end of the space shows us a brave view of forests and fields. This space serves us a place for consciousness, light and peace. White Light Room will accommodate different workshops during the day and during the evenings sound relaxations and magical concerts.

Bohemian soul space at Natural High Festival

Mystic Moon

NEW! A mystical and mysterious space transformed from a 350m2 machine hall into a space for powerful and memorable moments. The appealing space immersed in purple will make you sense the presence of the moon, to feel yourself deeply and experience new parts of you. Mystic Moon’s live music gigs and awakening workshops will make you feel alive!

Bohemian soul space at Natural High Festival

Bohemian Soul Space

NEW ESSENCE! An atmospheric and bohemian space over 250m2, decorated with macrame crafts, invites you to immerse yourself. Bohemian Soul space is located in the attic of a nostalgic stable and was known as the Heart Space. During the day, the space has a variety of heartfelt workshops where you can fully surrender to your own being.

In the evenings, the space is a free space and the ‘extra wing’ of the Welcome Café, where you can feel the mood of the space, enjoy the food and hang out freely. Let the Bohemian Soul Space awaken you to this moment and identify yourself as a bohemian soulful warrior. In the evenings the warriors gather to enjoy tea and raw cakes, get to know each other, and just breathe between evening concerts and dancing.

share and play at natural high healing festival

Share & Play

A playful outdoors shelter in the middle of the festival area with a soft carpet and a colorful spirit. Play and be wild, dance and sing. The wrestling mats might make you want to jump here and there with your friends. Life is full of joy! Let the yellow energy mesmerize with its playfulness.

green power at natural high festival

Blue Clarity Lecture

Open your third eye and see clearer. Here you get a real dose of information and get to pause at the edge of wisdom. Enter a world of new knowledge, which will take you to experience more and more interesting lectures. Dare to awaken your thirst for knowledge, open your understanding, and allow new insights to come from within you.

Blue Clarity Lecture is a large, covered lecture space, which vibrates blue energy and is located in the upper courtyard of the festival area.

green power at natural high festival

Art Cave

NEW ESSENCE! The atmospheric, awakening space dowstairs of a party barn creates space for a deep experience. Art gives you permission to feel, sense and turn inward. See your beauty, your obstacles, your fears, your strength, your colors, your humanity. Allow yourself to experience everything, bring your consciousness to life, bring to life your perfect being with all its facets. You are gorgeous.

green power at natural high festival

Sacred Shelter

NEW! Inspired by sacred geometry, the shelter surprises with its wonder. The space breathes the light that shines beneath its planks, and allows you, too, to surrender deeper and deeper into the reality of your being, it gives you a space to express yourself wildly and freely. The space has a unique atmosphere and brings a sense of protection from within. Sacred Shelter is located in the immediate vicinity of Peace Camp.


Divine Mother

NEW! The embrace of the mother and selfless love is deeply unifying and nourishing to the soul. As we allow the energy of this universal mother to nurture us with her love, we will feel every cell to heal as well. We get permission to open up like sitting onto a lap, we get permission to cry, feel, listen, get stronger.

In this space, in addition to workshops, there is also time to just come and be without a scheduled program.

This is a brand new building of about 80 m2 with a really beautiful room loaded with pink glow and love energy. You are love.

green power at natural high festival

Body Temple

NEW! The body is an important part of well-being, the foundation of our being and the cornerstone of our living. Body Temple will make you move and the weights will lift. In 2020 the novelty is a space dedicated to the physical body and muscular strength. The space is also open for working out freely. The space is heated in a completely new building of 80m2 and invites you to love and appreciate your own body in a new way.



NEW! Tiipii is a very atmospheric and meaningful place and takes us to the edge of holiness. Let the living fire awaken in you the eternal wisdom, bring you into touch with the tribe. Feel the root, feel your presence. Let go of everything you no longer want to carry with you. Bring your own drum. Traditionally the drum is freely drummed in the evenings.

kids corner at natural high healing  festival

Goddess Lounge

NEW! It’s an invitation for YOU TO COME !!! It is an invitation for you to find your own feminine side. It’s a place where you can dress up great on your own or with a professional make-up artist.

As you enter this temple of femininity, you will see yourself in many different mirrors, you will be able to experience the feelings that different styles evoke about yourself. You can sit on soft pillows with your sisters or even indulge in dancing.

kids corner at natural high healing  festival

Kids' Corner

An inspiring space just for kids with lots of activities and space for children to play and enjoy. This space is filled with lovely colours and soft pillows to make it easy and joyful for parents to join their children’s games and fantasy world. The program at the kids corner is versatile and colourful each day.

silence zone at natural high healing  festival

Silence Zone & Meditation Hut

Take some alone time and wander in the forest. Enjoy the silence and your senses. Read poems and on the way end up in the meditation hut. Breathe together with the forest and let the silence speak on your behalf. Silence Zone is true to its name, thank the silence and be grateful that this silence takes over your being completely. Let other silence seekers have the same experience in peace.

poetry path

Poetry Path

The poetry trail will take you to the forest. Take off your shoes and let the needles and moss touch your feet as you make your way to the heart of the forest, to the beauty of nature and to the core of life. Take a deep breath in and experience the beautiful poetry with your whole being. The poetry trail starts at the Unicorn Pond so follow the guide signs but foremost your heart.

love rocks at natural high healing  festival

Love Rocks

Take it easy on the Love Rocks for a moment, cuddle in peace, go for a swim… Give yourself some space and own time to enjoy the summer day by a pond, perhaps a first date on the Love Rocks? 😉

love rocks at natural high healing  festival


The place you arrive to first. Walk beneath the festival arc and descend into the lovebubble with us. If you are queing for tickets, get to know the person standing behind you! From the info desk you will get all necessary information you need. You can read about different workshops and artists, book a treatment at the infowall. If you find yourself wondering about something ask us! We are here for you.


First Aid Angels & Emotional Support

Whether it’s a tiny cut or heartache, you can turn to the first aid angels for support. This is a safe place. This is a space where you can rest, share your worries and get professional help for various troubles. First aid takes care of you but remember to also take care of yourself.

food fiesta at natural high healing festival

Food Fiesta

Natural High Healing Festival is also delicious because of the food! Food Fiesta is versatile, abundant, vegan and oh so delicious also this year.
There is salty munchies, sweet snacks, light meals and also hearty for bigger hunger options. Something for everyone.

food fiesta at natural high healing festival

Boutique Avenue

The wonderful Boutique Avenue has beautiful booths where you can find lovely products for treating yourself. The vendors and products have been carefully chosen and they align with the feeling of Natural High Healing Festival. 

Boutique Avenue is fun to take a stroll and have a look around to see if there is something nice for a friend – for sure there is!

secret beach

Healers Hill

The highest point of the festival area is dedicated to individual caregivers. The area named after Healers Hill will make you thrive and take your life to a new level. The joy of life flows in you in a new way, create your new skin, come to life and open up to your own power.

This is indeed a place where stress, emotional locks, nodes of life, body jams, fears and other obstructions that make life difficult and prevent one’s own power can be opened by these professionals.

Come to individual treatment by booking and paying for your time information. It’s your time to shine. Come to the hill of your life! 💙

secret beach

Secret Beach Sauna, Pond Sauna & Showers

There are a total of four saunas in the festival area in two areas! More than ever. Two of the saunas are on the Secret Beach sauna, 1.3 miles from a gorgeous forest road on the lake – follow the signs. Take a dip and enjoy the soft steam. Important TO FOLLOW SAUNA TURNS !! As a novelty in the renovated area there are showers !!

NOTE !!! For the Secret Beach sauna, You also need a sauna bracelet (15 € from Info), with the same bracelet you can also get to the festival sauna in the festival area!

you are free powerful and lovable

Festival Sauna

Inside the festival area, on the site of Boho Café, in our beautiful scenery, is our second sauna area. It includes two saunas and showers, as well as water toilets. This sauna is near Unicorn Pond, where you can take a dip for a swim. The pond is spring-based – IMPORTANT do not use soap in the pond !! SAUNA BRACELET (15 €) includes your access to Lampisauna and indoor toilets and showers.

You can bathe in the Secret Beach saunas, where you also need a sauna bracelet. You can easily pick it up from the info for € 15.

silence zone at natural high healing  festival

Unicorn Pond

Ride a unicorn and make wishes on the shores of this pond. The pond is part of the festival area and also includes pet rocks 💖  A wonderful place to go crazy riding a unicorn with friends, swim a dip or just sit leisurely by the water.

silence zone at natural high healing  festival

Farm Animals

Epic bison and hairy cows are involved in the Nopperlantila.

NB! Electricity is carried in the fence of bison and haired cows.

silence zone at natural high healing  festival

Natural High Welcome Cafe

This cozy and hearfult cafe is the best meeting place, serving the best raw cakes, delicacies, little snacks and much more. A relaxed and cheerful café is located next to the info. The best meeting place of the festival, with a wonderfully large terrace and in the evenings, the Bohemian Soul Space opens into an additional wing of the café, thus better serving our dear festival-goers from morning to night.

silence zone at natural high healing  festival

Natural High Boho Cafe

The atmospheric and cozy Boho Café offers tasty, fulfilling and perfect taste experiences. Sweet mouth-watering raw food delicacies, super breakfasts and raw lunches and hot chai.
The most talked about and loved raw cakes of the festival can be found here YUMMY !!
Boho Café can be found inside Narvilinna.

silence zone at natural high healing  festival

Fire Places

It is wonderful to gather by the living fire when the evening sets in. Sense the power of fire and let the heat wave spread all over you. Staring at the fire is meditation at its best. You will find live fire in the wings and two separate fireplaces, one by the pond and the other near the main tent. Do not light a fire anywhere else. The festival follows wildfire warnings.

crystal healing at natural high healing  festival

Crystal Healing

Crystal Technology and Light Technology are ancient ways of working with energy and vibration. Utilizing crystals, sacred geometry and other powerful objects, a mandala is created, that can be activated and through which a portal can be opened into higher dimensions. Please do not touch the crystals.

silence zone at natural high healing  festival

Goddess Art

NEW! Goddess Art is a small yet high-frequency space next to the Goddess Lounge. You’ll get to follow along live painting by Oona a couple of times a day. Breathe in deeply this magical and uplifting energy. Let your eyes and soul be soothed by the art and the paintings, and surrender to feminine power and experience its healing force.

Come join us this summer!

green power at natural high festival

Flower Power

This area is located at the green, flowery lawn. Flower power is a beautifully decorated and styled to be a inspiring place for many different workshops. Come alive, blossom internally. Roll in the grass, giggle and let the flower power amaze you.

silence zone at natural high healing  festival

Art Barn

Art barn accommodates the art of interesting and talented artists. Open yourself up for beauty and the different emotions of life. Give art permission to make you blossom and grow. Live painting at the Art barn is an experience where you can witness the birth of a new era in the arts.

beach party lounge at natural high healing  festival

Beach Party Lounge

NEW! Oh! Beach Party lounge will make the sand whirl and make you break a sweat! Go crazy and dance like no one’s watching underneath the sun! Feel alive and enjoy the company of happy people – what more can you ask for than this!

fire chill at finland festival

Violet Flame

At this new glowing and high frequency fueled area you are able to chill, to ignite your hearts warmth and to calm down right next to the fire. A place where you can be in your own power or with friends and have strengthening conversations. The healing effect is strengthened by the glowing fire. There is a SURPRISE at the Violet Flame for everyone who decides to stop and be with the silence. In this place there are no workshops. Violet Flame is made for you to enjoy being empowered, free and warm.

ecstatic dancing at natural high healing festival finland

World of Wisdom

NEW! Step into the new world of knowledge. The space of inspiring knowledge brings its visitors a chance to take part in the most intriguing lectures. Here you will get a large portion of information and a chance to stop by the new wisdom. World of Wisdom is located at a 5 min walking distance from the info desk. Dare to awaken your hunger for information and knowledge, open up your understanding and let new insights rise inside of you.