henna lansipaa

Henna Länsipää

Founder, CEO, Creative Director
Natural High Healing Festival

Natural High Healing Festival

This festival was born out of pure love of bringing people together in the Finnish summer. Out of love for connection, the one we all long for in one way or another – connection to nature, creativity, the heart, light, and happiness.

The name of the festival is Natural High Healing Festival, and I wish to make a few things clear. This festival is not for drinking alcohol, instead we intend to become inebriated by the company of one another. It is not for smoking weed, but instead we can enjoy watching the weeds grow on the fields and roadside. It is not for taking any drugs, although we will be sky high! And it is not for consuming meat, although we may be petting the sheep grazing on the pastures.

We have been thanked many times for being a substance free festival. Many people have found the festival feeling again after many years. Thank you for respecting this, it’s a matter of heart to us. We can reach the high and conscious feeling by coming together, by hugging, dancing, laughing, breathing, doing yoga or tantra, by meditating and eating nutritious food made with love. Happiness in life is simple, that we want to demonstrate.

And thank you for your decision to come, for daring to come. You are warmly welcome for the first time and even alone, you will surely find new friends here. The atmosphere is sincere, warm and welcoming. You can sense the acceptance from each smile you get to encounter.

We aim at creating a beautiful festival and that’s what we have done – created a unique event made with pure heart. The feedback we have received has been extremely encouraging. Lots of people have come personally to thank us – with tears of joy in their eyes. People are yearning to come together in an atmosphere of happiness and acceptance to a place where we truly do care, where we dare to love. Thank you for choosing to come and celebrate with us.

Natural HIGH Healing Festival – if your heart could decide. And it can. Every time. See you in the summer!

With love and light,
Henna Länsipää
Visionary, Natural High Healing Festival